Jio Fiber Plan 2021, Best Offers, Data Limit and Validity

Jio Fiber Plan in 2020-21: The news Jio fiber Plans go up to Rs 8,499 per month for speeds of up to 1Gbps. This is the best internet provider option in all over India. If you are looking for a new broadband connection or just want to switch from some other service provider, Jio Fiber is a good option to get.

Reliance Jio on this Monday announced new JioFiber home broadband plans for the Indian market with a promise of offering truly unlimited internet to customers. No one can imagine for this price.

The Jio Fiber best plans are starting from Rs 3,99 and go all the way up to Rs 1,499. There are other benefits tagging aliens as well, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video with Selected plans.

Jio Fiber Comes New Name with New Offer

Jio Fiber has introduced new tariff schemes to increase its penetration in every Indian household under the new NAYA INDIA KA NAYA JOSH  campaign to increase Jio fiber subscribers all over India.

The company says that these new tariff plans will provide maximum benefits to the customers during the current challenging times.

These Jio Fiber plans are Rs 399, Rs 699,  Rs 999, and Rs 1499. The company claims that with these new plans of JioFiber, users will get unlimited internet. Besides, the company has announced an unconditional 30-days free trial offer for the new Jio Fiber users.

The tagline below reads, “If you don’t like it, we take it back no question asked, “The all-new Jio Fiber plan is a combination plan consisting of unlimited internet, a 4K set-top-box, and a subscription to 10 paid OTT apps.

Let’s take a quick look at the list of all JioFiber plans that Reliance Jio is offering to its customer right now.

Jio Fiber Plan Nane Monthly Rental Internet Speeds FUP Data Limit Unlimited Calls OTT Apps 
BronzeRs 39930 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedN/A
SilverRs 699100 Mbps3,300 GB3,300 GBN/A
GoldRs 999150 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded11 Apps worht Rs 1,000 per month
DiamondRs 1,499300 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
Diamond+Rs 2,499500 Mbps3000 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
PlatinumRs 3,9991 Gbps7,500 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month
PlatinumRs 8,4991 Gbps15000 GBIncluded12 Apps worth Rs 1,500 per month


Jio Fiber Plans


JioFiber Broadband Plans are named by metals such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond+, Platinum, and Titanium. Here are the JioFIber broadband plans available for users right now.

Notably, all plan’s pricing will be relatively higher after GST.

Jio Fiber Bronze Plan- Price and Benefits 

Jio Fiber Bronze plan is priced at Rs 399 and it is the entry-level plan offered by the company. This plan will offer truly unlimited data at 30Mbps and not have any OTT apps included in this plan.

JioFiber Silver Plan- Price and Benefits 

The Silver plan is priced at Rs 699, which provides customers with access to unlimited data at speeds of up to 100 Mbps. This plan also comes with unlimited voice calling benefits.

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Jio Fiber Gold Broadband plan Price and benefits 

The JioFiber Gold Plan is priced at Rs 999 per month has benefits such as truly unlimited data benefits at a speed of 150Mbps and 11 OTT apps like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar Mx Player video, etc.

Jio Fiber Diamond Broadband Plans Price and benefits

Under the Diamond plan, which is priced at Rs 1,499, the company offers customers access to unlimited internet with speeds of up to 300Mbps. This plan comes with unlimited calling benefits along with complimentary access to 12 OTT apps worth Rs 1500 per month.

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Jio Fiber Diamond+ Broadband Plans, Price and Benefits 

JioFiber Diamond+ plan is priced at Rs 2,499 and it includes benefits such as truly unlimited data at 500Mbps all through the month and 12 OTT apps worth Rs 1,650 per month including Netflix Standard and Hotstar.

Jio Fiber Platinum Broadband Plans, Price, and Benefits 

Reliance Jio Fiber Platinum Broadband plan costs Rs 3,999 per month and it bundles unlimited data at a high speed of 1Gbps all through the validity of 30 days and 12 OTT apps including Netflix Standard for s month similar to the Diamond+ Plan.

Jio Fiber Titanium Broadband Plans, Price, and Benefits 

The Titanium plan is priced at Rs 8,499 per month and comes with similar benefits to the Platinum plan with only one difference, which is the data FUP, Jio Fiber under the Titanium plan offers customers 15000 GB of monthly data at speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Jio Fiber Terms and Conditions for This offer- Need to Note Carefully before apply. 

All of these plans are governed by a set number of terms and conditions. Here is a list of the most important terms and conditions that you are required to know about:

*All of the plans up to the Diamond Plas have a fair usages policy of  3,300GB  (3TB) of data.

*Voice calls will not be charged for at all, until and unless they are made to other countries

*All the tariffs are exclusive  of Goods and Service Tax

  • One month dented 30 days.

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